I Don’t Know, But You Do. Do You?

Advertisements I don’t know if you know but I know you noticed this notice, so I want to put it on this notice that I know you noticed my notice and no I don’t know who knows the words to this notice, but I know you know. I took notice. Today is not yesterday andContinue reading “I Don’t Know, But You Do. Do You?”

The Porn Industry Changed…

Advertisements The Porn Industry Has Changed… They say the oldest profession in existence to this day is sexual intercourse for monetary gain; also known as prostitution. A lot has changed since the medieval times where goats were exchanged for woman as property. Now with the advancements of technology and evolution of humanity we have attemptedContinue reading “The Porn Industry Changed…”

If Superhero’s were Real…

Advertisements If I had to choose a superhero to save me it would have to be Superman. It would be Superman because he is my favorite superhero. I remember being a little kid and buying VHS tapes of the Superman cartoon from the 99 cent store and binge watching him “leap tall buildings” in aContinue reading “If Superhero’s were Real…”

The Problem of Cults and a Probable Solution

Advertisements June 09, 2020 A belief is an affirmation of one’s existence. It gives humanity a reason to suffer, a reason to do good, and a reason not to kill someone just because they accidentally stepped on your brand new blue suede shoes. But, how do we know when these beliefs, that we learn fromContinue reading “The Problem of Cults and a Probable Solution”

Journal Ten: A Free-write

Advertisements Journal Ten: Unfiltered Free-write I recommend everyone have a journal or diary that they can write their emotions and feelings in. Freewriting is just one style that allows one to write their emotions without being too critical of oneself. I find that when I over analyze myself I end up not writing anything worthContinue reading “Journal Ten: A Free-write”

How to Pray (Talking to God One on One).

Advertisements Quick Note Before Reading: This is based in Christian theology. However, all religions, beliefs, people are encouraged to read.  The Science, Psychology, and Metaphysics of Prayer Scientists Find One Source of Prayer’s Power  The bullet points are the lessons given by my Father (Biological). The bold “Read” are the lessons given by our Father (Spiritual),Continue reading “How to Pray (Talking to God One on One).”

Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious Conscience.

Advertisements Did God the create the universe, or was it the after effects of the big bang? These questions arise due to our ability to reflect on the very nature of things; to be aware or conscious. We are conscious; aware that we exist, and we are able to manipulate the environment around us. AllContinue reading “Quantum Mechanics and the Conscious Conscience.”

Mock Up’s of Work Writings.

Advertisements Mock Up’s of Work Writings. These are assignments I did at university, and If you click on the links it will open a page to the documents. This is like, job job stuff. I got to keep my options open, you know? Proposal Long Report

An Improv Piece, Pills, and No Cheeseburgers.

Advertisements An Improv Piece, Pills, and No Cheeseburgers. # Mar 6, 2019 at 8:49 PM I don’t understand some of this but I allow it to run. The world is filled with life and the free write that I have is known as the thought process that allows you to continue to write and notContinue reading “An Improv Piece, Pills, and No Cheeseburgers.”

We’re All Walking Antennas.

Advertisements We’re All Walking Antennas. I made this in December 2018, but I finally got around to posting it. It was meant just for me and I decided that it was too funny to hide from the world. Then again, that could just be the narcissist in me. Either way… Enjoy!

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