Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.

Advertisements Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video. The coach of this team was the host to a bible study group I attended and when I mentioned that I was shooting videos for a college course he offered me the opportunity to shoot this hype video. Thanks brother. Anyway, Lets watch it shall we? On a somewhat relatedContinue reading “Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.”

The One With the Teacher Taking My Yo-Yo.

Advertisements The One With the Teacher Taking My Yo-Yo. It starts with a solicitor given permission to present yo-yos to the entire 3rd grade class. Everyone buys a yo-yo, including me, and they become an instant hit. I start learning tricks and sharing techniques with my classmates. The teacher confiscates my yo-yo because I wouldn’tContinue reading “The One With the Teacher Taking My Yo-Yo.”

Mmm. . . Coffee!

Advertisements MMM…COFFEE! This video showcases a 10 second mock-up of a coffee advertisement. I want to give a shout out to Kyle Novak! I don’t know if he’ll ever see this, but I would like to give him credit. He was the one who taught me how to create animation with After Effects. There isContinue reading “Mmm. . . Coffee!”

Presentation on Communication Techniques.

Advertisements For my Advanced Public Speaking course at CSUN, I had to organize, coordinate, and create a presentation. My team and I decided to do it at the Boys and Girls club  and make the presentation on Communication Techniques. Sorry for the bad video quality. I had to be especially careful not to video tapeContinue reading “Presentation on Communication Techniques.”

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