If Superhero’s were Real…

If I had to choose a superhero to save me it would have to be Superman. It would be Superman because he is my favorite superhero. I remember being a little kid and buying VHS tapes of the Superman cartoon from the 99 cent store and binge watching him โ€œleap tall buildingsโ€ in a single bound, or โ€œlook, in the sky! Itโ€™s a bird, Itโ€™s a plan, no. Itโ€™s Superman!โ€

Christopher Reeves playing Superman was my jam as a young-in. In Superman III when the lady gets sucked into the computer I was so freaked out I had nightmares for days.

โ€œLook, in the sky! Itโ€™s a bird, Itโ€™s a plane! No, Itโ€™s Superman!โ€

-Citizen of Metropolis.

It would be Superman because he can fly, shoot lasers through his eyes, see through people’s disguise; x-ray, blow ice through his mouth, and still hook up with Lois Lane even though heโ€™s shy.


If I were to be real with you, I donโ€™t think Superman could ever exist. Someone who is more likely to exist is Batman. Therefore, Batman would be the one to save me if I were in peril. But, letโ€™s be real; No oneโ€™s saving me. Batman could give two fucks about saving me. I mean, who the fuck am I? 

Heโ€™d probably be too busy buying stocks or arguing with his investor about capital then taking the time to drive around in the bat-mobile picking up chicks until he gets pulled over by the cops where his alibi is that he was โ€œfighting crime.โ€ I mean, how can you have a butler named Alfred doing chores for you while you save the world? Priorities Mr. Wayne. You have to prioritize.

Thank You for Your Time 8)