iamAgency University Capstone Project.

Advertisements Do YOU have agency, or control, over your actions? If I told you I knew for a fact you didn’t, would you believe me? If you believe, continue to read. Can you believe that you have control? Do you believe that you can develop agency over any situation with training? If so, continue toContinue reading “iamAgency University Capstone Project.”

Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years.

Advertisements Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years. Five cups of coffee and ten hours of research later… I can give you an educated guess on where PR is headed; PR is headed forward. The end. Let’s wrap it up people, close the set, turn off the lights! My job is done. . . .Continue reading “Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years.”

Mmm. . . Coffee!

Advertisements MMM…COFFEE! This video showcases a 10 second mock-up of a coffee advertisement. I want to give a shout out to Kyle Novak! I don’t know if he’ll ever see this, but I would like to give him credit. He was the one who taught me how to create animation with After Effects. There isContinue reading “Mmm. . . Coffee!”

Mock Up’s of Work Writings.

Advertisements Mock Up’s of Work Writings. These are assignments I did at university, and If you click on the links it will open a page to the documents. This is like, job job stuff. I got to keep my options open, you know? Proposal Long Report

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