Depression Consumes the Mind.

Advertisements depression consumes the mind. intertwined in lies i speak to others, i’m fine, and you? don’t look into their eyes, or they’ll spot the lie. LIAR! i tell the truth. i play the fool. who are you? enemy, end of me, and im mean. who am me? gain composure, you freak. i fantasize ofContinue reading β€œDepression Consumes the Mind.”


Advertisements Lov3. All my life I think of you. Never stayed no stops; Lov3 runs right through. Dangerous passion throbs 24/7. My heart was robbed; Smith & Wesson. From lov3 come’s murder; a subsidiary. Alas, you killed innocence; seminary. If lov3 is joy then what is sex? A sin committed, but Come in child nowContinue reading β€œLov3.”

An Od3 to Human Speech through the Eyes Within.

Advertisements An Od3 to Human Speech through the Eyes Within. Let there be light. Atoms revolve. Clashing and interacting. Atom & Eve. 🍎🏝🐍 Sign, sin, symbolic. Sense, sell, soul. Language. Time. Faith. Ritual. ✝️ Believe belief. Whirring machine. Supreme Being. Revelation. Hello Amen. πŸ§™πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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