Past, Present, Future.

Past, Present, and Future.

The past is where our imagination resides.

The present is where our reality collides.

The future is where are dreams arise.




All my life, I think of you.

Never stayed, no stops.

It’s lov3 I choose.

My dreams they never close, like 24/7.

My heart was robbed, like Smith & Wesson.

With lov3 come’s murder; a subsidiary.

Alast, you killed innocence; virginity.

For lov3 transcends, innocence into child.

Grow, repeat, & reconcile.


An Od3 to Human Speech through the Eyes Within.

An Od3 to Human Speech through the Eyes Within.

Let there be light.

Atoms revolve.

Clashing and interacting.

Atom & Eve.


Sign, sin, symbolic.

Sense, sell, soul.


Time. Faith. Ritual.


Believe belief.

Whirring machine.

Supreme Being.


Hello Amen.