Performance Activism: Racism Bit and Banter.

Advertisements BACKGROUND: In order to satisfy my requirements for a bachelor of arts in communication studies I took a class in theatre and performing arts. The class focused on activism and creating positive change, through creative expression and improvisation. Neither the guy holding the unplugged microphone nor my past self with the long hair areContinue reading “Performance Activism: Racism Bit and Banter.”

We’re All Walking Antennas.

Advertisements We’re All Walking Antennas. I made this in December 2018, but I finally got around to posting it. It was meant just for me and I decided that it was too funny to hide from the world. Then again, that could just be the narcissist in me. Either way… Enjoy!

My Mom’s Immigration Story.

Advertisements My Mom’s Immigration Story. My Mom’s name is Milagro or Mila for short. Milagro in Spanish means Miracle. I’m not saying my Mom’s a miracle, but life in itself is a miracle. This is her story from when she traveled to America from El Salvador almost 50 years ago. Thanks for Watching

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