Thoughts About WordPress Ease of Use.

1) Based on your experience with WordPress, what are your impressions with working with WordPress—the pros and cons? It started as a blogging platform but has evolved—should it still be relegated for small blogs, or do you see enterprise use? This is apart of my class assignment. I […]

Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.

Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video. The coach of this team was the host to a bible study group I attended and when I mentioned that I was shooting videos for a college course he offered me the opportunity to shoot this hype video. Thanks brother. Anyway, Lets watch it […]

FTC Endorsement Guide Link

I thought this was important, and wanted to remember it, so I linked it to my blog. If it will help me, it might help you. I learned of this from my Media Law course at Communications@Syracuse. Basically, it’s a link that sends you to the Federal Trade […]

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

Mother Superior Shot the Gun. She pulled the trigger and let it run. In the veins it ran its course. What can I do? Pain has no remorse. Death is selfish, I can’t just go. My family loves me, that I know. Doctor’s can’t help me, Medical or […]

How to Pray (Talking to God One on One).

Quick Note Before Reading: This is based in Christian theology. However, all religions, beliefs, people are encouraged to read.  The Science, Psychology, and Metaphysics of Prayer Scientists Find One Source of Prayer’s Power  The bullet points are the lessons given by my Father (Biological). The bold “Read” are the […]