Hip Hop Video Prototype.

Advertisements I made a music video! well, I “directed a music video!” is probably more accurate. I didn’t rap, I didn’t make the beats; but, I did shoot, edit, and add effects to it. I learned a lot while editing this video so I posted it on YouTube: The artist who raps goes by DaContinue reading “Hip Hop Video Prototype.”

Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.

Advertisements Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video. The coach of this team was the host to a bible study group I attended and when I mentioned that I was shooting videos for a college course he offered me the opportunity to shoot this hype video. Thanks brother. Anyway, Lets watch it shall we? On a somewhat relatedContinue reading “Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.”

Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center

Advertisements Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center Hey WordPress Family, For my final project in Multimedia Storytelling I had to make a journalism style video. Alexandra Del Gaudio and Daniela Del Gaudio were gracious enough to not only let me into their life, but their business as well. IfContinue reading “Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center”

Mmm. . . Coffee!

Advertisements MMM…COFFEE! This video showcases a 10 second mock-up of a coffee advertisement. I want to give a shout out to Kyle Novak! I don’t know if he’ll ever see this, but I would like to give him credit. He was the one who taught me how to create animation with After Effects. There isContinue reading “Mmm. . . Coffee!”

Presentation on Communication Techniques.

Advertisements For my Advanced Public Speaking course at CSUN, I had to organize, coordinate, and create a presentation. My team and I decided to do it at the Boys and Girls club  and make the presentation on Communication Techniques. Sorry for the bad video quality. I had to be especially careful not to video tapeContinue reading “Presentation on Communication Techniques.”

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