Rey Major to the Third Power – When Robots Talk

Advertisements I remember when I was a kid I had this infatuation with robots. My sister asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I had to take a minute and think about it. While I was thinking I looked for inspiration and asked her what she wanted to be, andContinue reading “Rey Major to the Third Power – When Robots Talk”

Performance Activism: Racism Bit and Banter.

Advertisements BACKGROUND: In order to satisfy my requirements for a bachelor of arts in communication studies I took a class in theatre and performing arts. The class focused on activism and creating positive change, through creative expression and improvisation. Neither the guy holding the unplugged microphone nor my past self with the long hair areContinue reading “Performance Activism: Racism Bit and Banter.”

Sabong in the Philippines (Viewer Discretion Advised).

Cockfighting is a cultural phenomena I got to experience in my journey to the Philippines. I would like to share it with you, but I must warn you, it is graphic; hence likely disturbing to some. Watch at your own discretion.

Hip Hop Video Prototype.

Advertisements I made a music video! well, I “directed a music video!” is probably more accurate. I didn’t rap, I didn’t make the beats; but, I did shoot, edit, and add effects to it. I learned a lot while editing this video so I posted it on YouTube: The artist who raps goes by DaContinue reading “Hip Hop Video Prototype.”

Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.

Advertisements Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video. The coach of this team was the host to a bible study group I attended and when I mentioned that I was shooting videos for a college course he offered me the opportunity to shoot this hype video. Thanks brother. Anyway, Lets watch it shall we? On a somewhat relatedContinue reading “Bomber’s Basketball Hype Video.”

Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center

Advertisements Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center Hey WordPress Family, For my final project in Multimedia Storytelling I had to make a journalism style video. Alexandra Del Gaudio and Daniela Del Gaudio were gracious enough to not only let me into their life, but their business as well. IfContinue reading “Journalism Final Cut – The Wild Plum Holistic Spa & Yoga Center”

Pretend PSA for Communications@Syracuse on VA Medical

Advertisements Pretend PSA for Communications@Syracuse on VA Medical As required for my multimedia storytelling class, I have uploaded a Public Service Announcement wrote, directed, and filmed by me. It starts with Daniel having a nightmare, hearing a grenade explode, and waking up terrified. She goes back to sleep, blinks into the next scene, and researchesContinue reading “Pretend PSA for Communications@Syracuse on VA Medical”

Fashionista. A Short Sound.

Advertisements Fashionista. A Short Sound. Hey ya’ll. This was a video I did not too long ago, and my professor thought it was one of my better creations. I then thought to myself, “why not share it with my WordPress fam?” So, Here it is. Let me know in the comments below if you foundContinue reading “Fashionista. A Short Sound.”

Jokers Wild: a Short Film by Reynaldo Rivera

Advertisements Jokers Wild: a Short Film by Reynaldo Rivera Hey  WordPress Fam, I made this video for a class i’m taking; Multimedia Storytelling. I like the colors in the film. I used my GH5s, a white balance card(but its actually grey), and the profile Cine V on my camera. Then, I edited it on AdobeContinue reading “Jokers Wild: a Short Film by Reynaldo Rivera”

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