iamAgency University Capstone Project.

Advertisements Do YOU have agency, or control, over your actions? If I told you I knew for a fact you didn’t, would you believe me? If you believe, continue to read. Can you believe that you have control? Do you believe that you can develop agency over any situation with training? If so, continue toContinue reading “iamAgency University Capstone Project.”

Social Media for Communicators Blog for Week One

Advertisements What I learned after Week one in Social Media for Communicators is that blog stands for . . . uhh. OMG I forgot! (a quick Google search later). It stands for “Web Log“. Cool huh?! Well, I think it’s cool. I love Google. Anyway … How you first used social media, and how youContinue reading “Social Media for Communicators Blog for Week One”

Thoughts About WordPress Ease of Use.

Advertisements 1) Based on your experience with WordPress, what are your impressions with working with WordPress—the pros and cons? It started as a blogging platform but has evolved—should it still be relegated for small blogs, or do you see enterprise use? This is apart of my class assignment. I feel I have to mention that,Continue reading “Thoughts About WordPress Ease of Use.”

FTC Endorsement Guide Link

Advertisements I thought this was important, and wanted to remember it, so I linked it to my blog. If it will help me, it might help you. I learned of this from my Media Law course at Communications@Syracuse. Basically, it’s a link that sends you to the Federal Trade Commission website with a bunch ofContinue reading “FTC Endorsement Guide Link”

What I Learned about Digital Communications at Syracuse.

Advertisements What I Learned about Digital Communications at Syracuse. First, never trust emails regardless where they come from! I opened an email from my Syracuse University email address that I never use, and therefore assumed was a legit email, and after reading the email I learned it was a proposition for an at home job.Continue reading “What I Learned about Digital Communications at Syracuse.”

Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years.

Advertisements Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years. Five cups of coffee and ten hours of research later… I can give you an educated guess on where PR is headed; PR is headed forward. The end. Let’s wrap it up people, close the set, turn off the lights! My job is done. . . .Continue reading “Public Relations in 5 to 10 Years.”

Deep Fake Kind of Like Lean Cake; It Ain’t.

Rey’s take on deep fake. #digcommsu

What is Psychometrics?


When Media Won’t Fade to Black.


Global Digital Divide.

Advertisements Global Digital Divide. The Digital Divide can be defined as a disparity between those that have access to technology to those who don’t. Of course it isn’t so black and white, and some may have access to technology, but choose to not use it. Or, some technology might not be in a language thatContinue reading “Global Digital Divide.”

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