I’ve Been Enlightened. I Know the Meaning of God!

Advertisements I Been Enlightened. I Know the Meaning of God! God is the acknowledgement of existence in it’s ultimate state. It’s the direct communication between the prefrontal cortex, or the conscience, and the hippocampus, or the sub-conscience, state of mind. It is when the filter between the two states cease to exist, and the twoContinue reading “I’ve Been Enlightened. I Know the Meaning of God!”

Depression Consumes the Mind.

Advertisements depression consumes the mind. intertwined in lies i speak to others, i’m fine, and you? don’t look into their eyes, or they’ll spot the lie. LIAR! i tell the truth. i play the fool. who are you? enemy, end of me, and im mean. who am me? gain composure, you freak. i fantasize ofContinue reading “Depression Consumes the Mind.”

My Heart…

Advertisements My Heart… My heart is like fire with its flames surrounding the valves. Cooking my soul unto an object of manifestation. Creating two entities: the body and the soul. My heart is like fire for it burns after every sin, every heartbreak, every failure. It burns to create energy for the continuation of itsContinue reading “My Heart…”

Journal Ten: A Free-write

Advertisements Journal Ten: Unfiltered Free-write I recommend everyone have a journal or diary that they can write their emotions and feelings in. Freewriting is just one style that allows one to write their emotions without being too critical of oneself. I find that when I over analyze myself I end up not writing anything worthContinue reading “Journal Ten: A Free-write”

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

Advertisements Mother Superior Shot the Gun. She pulled the trigger and let it run. In the veins it ran its course. What can I do? Pain has no remorse. Death is selfish, I can’t just go. My family loves me, that I know. Doctor’s can’t help me, Medical or Medicare. I have given up hope;Continue reading “Mother Superior Shot the Gun.”

Poverty, Probably, Constantly.

Advertisements Poverty, Probably, Constantly. Poverty is not disease but a constant need. Government cheese, bitch please, I got EBT. Extra broke today, so i’ll stop by McDonalds for a parfait. That’s all I can eat, but hey I call it “poverty buffet.” Optimistic, crime implicit, convicted, explicit. Explicative deletion, to save the children. I onceContinue reading “Poverty, Probably, Constantly.”

Free Write Whilst in the Classroom.

Advertisements Free Write Whilst in the Classroom. Boy i’m tired never got hired neither fired but deny it; i will not. Got all my school supplies in stock ready to be on top with my grades and papers that shock in class. I always watch the clock to see when class will finish line. Bye,Continue reading “Free Write Whilst in the Classroom.”

A Conversation with Myself on How to Carry a Conversation with Another.

A conversation with myself on how to carry a conversation with another… Yes. I believe I said that right.

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