An Improv Piece, Pills, and No Cheeseburgers.

An Improv Piece, Pills, and No Cheeseburgers.

# Mar 6, 2019 at 8:49 PM I don’t understand some of this but I allow it to run.

The world is filled with life and the free write that I have is known as the thought process that allows you to continue to write and not stop as long as a thought goes through the brain the medulla oblongata will allow you to come up with creative primal instinctive revelations like the Bible has in it’s final chapter.

This technique that I am using was learned in a book I read a long time ago. I don’t remember the title but it has a guy who directed and acted in theatre for a long time and talks about masks and hypnotism and improvisation for the theatre. The point is to create a stream of thought on paper to create content with the point of preventing “writers block” but the world does not cope with depression without external reality.

Pills are consumed on a daily basis because it connects our internal with the external and the external solidity really is just atoms that came in and out of our internal but triggers the realization that we our in existence with others because we are the others. What we don’t do is what we do do, and yes I talk about poo poo. Waste is not doing anything and Presence is giving everything.

The trick though is that the solidity of the ingestion is only the realization of what is already inside of us. The pills don’t add to the chemicals that combust inside but simply give us the awareness of the chemicals that combust inside. We have all and we should know. Know, no. Know, Yes. Knowledge is power and power is energy and energy is light and light is life.

Filters can be limiting but they help with order because what you do not see is a stream, a wave, a continuous perplexity of the unknown clashing and crashing into infinite realities until the conscious decides to make it into existence. Thats when it becomes solid, a state of matter, an external bit of existence that follows the four dimensional apparatus that is our reality of existence. What of an ant? Does an ant have a conscience.

Does an ant decide what it believes to be right and wrong, or does it simply follow the electromagnetic fields that revolve through the atmosphere. Does it not have a free will? How about us? Do we have free will? Does the free will in us relate to the electric fields that is our brain. Does our brain trigger change in the electromagnetic field of waves that surround us. Does thought really have the power to change our fate, our environment, and in turn our reality?

You be the judge. Just like you always have done.


A Blindfolded Step in a Direction.

A Blindfolded Step in a Direction.

So I got my Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Communication Studies.  Nooice. Now what? Where is my Yacht in the Cayman Islands with Instagram Models feeding me grapes. Wow, I feel pretentious. I guess we don’t need the grapes, just the models and the yacht.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this blog is to add substance to my website. I don’t know what I want from this, but I do know I should start somewhere. So here I am, blindfolded walking straight ahead with my first blog post. I don’t have anything to talk about in specificity but I do have thoughts that are streaming from my brain to my fingers to this page.

I could start with my name; Rey. Hi ya’ll! Hmm.. What else.. Oh, I am a huge technology nerd. In fact my most expensive addiction is camera gear. I got to have it at all times. Tony Northrup from YouTube calls it GAS or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I remember listening to NPR or a book on Audible that spoke of happiness. The pursuit of happiness. As human beings we tend to remember the negative experiences more than the positive experiences and it’s attributed to our subconscious and survival.

We remember the negative experiences in our life as a preventive measure. It’s a gift and a burden. If we didn’t remember these negative experiences we would live in the present just like a dog does. We would always be happy, but we would be basic in our existence. It’s that need to fill the void that gave rise to our ingenuity. Our cave ancestors felt inadequate with only their hands and began using tools. The difference now is instead of a rock to survive we have a web. The world wide web.