Military Archives: A Marines Diary P.4.

2008, January 28, Monday.

Realized that though my mother was not there for me during my formative years, she had to work double shifts due to my father being incarcerated, and I took it out on her. It was never her fault.

She loved me and worked those double shifts and was never there, because she had to provide food and a roof over my head. I went to visit her yesterday and she told me she loves me and wants to be there for me.

I find it sad that she had to retire to find time to spend with me. This is why I want to be successful. This is why I want to be a billionaire. To be able to spend time with the people I love, and to be able to do the things that I love with them. It’s called financial independence. And, if you don’t make a billion, hey… at least you’re going to land in the millions.


Taking my ADD medication on an empty stomach helps the efficiency of the drug. When I picked up Mulberry the first words out of his mouth as he got into my car were, “I don’t give a fuck!”.

He’s getting Non-Judicial Punishment(NJP) for drinking underage, lack of cleanliness, and not fixing his room key as ordered by leadership. He got the paper from the FIOC in order to give it to MEF HQ, but didn’t go because he didn’t have a ride. He asked me to do it and I complied.

Shame on you! Next time think before you react, “Ask questions”, “Understand”. Complying Instant obedience isn’t always the answer. Ask he asked for a ride, tell him to walk. Bootcamp and it’s drilling got in your head. Learn from this.


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