Military Archives: A Marines Diary P.2.

2008, January 26, Saturday.

Mother went to Lancaster to fix the house she just bought and says it looks beautiful. Went to a Chinese buffet with the family, โ€œMom, January, Flower, Jesus, Peter, Mark, Anna, Lucy, & Ethel.โ€ Peter is looking for a new apartment because he might get evicted. his roommate moved out without notice and took all the money. watched the labyrinth at my sisters house. my nephew mark called me his best friend. he looks up to me a lot.

I went to a rave in San Bernardino, because thatโ€™s the thing to do at this time in age. Everyone from ages under 18 to over 50 were there. I mean, people who could be my Mom and Pop are dancing around. I think they may be high. The music is great, the people are beautiful, but itโ€™s a trap! People taking ecstasy are destroying their brains. You quit smoking cigarettes today. This writing is proof to reflect on your promises in order to succeed to your full potential. Self-medication will no longer be an issue and your mom would be proud.

If it were an issue sadness and heartache will occur for you and your mom.

(Note to Reader- if you have an addiction and want to quit, do it for you. If you quit for others you are guaranteed to fail.) 


Keep on growing, pushing through and maintaining good habits. The people that went to the rave were: Nestle, Yoshi, Ed, White guy, White girl, Anthony, Jeff, Ray, Michael & Peter. You battled in a dance circle and got complimented by Ray. Then you got to see him dance, and pop & lock. To my surprise he is really good at dancing. Tooshay.

After I battled in the dance circle I noticed I lost my wallet. I walked to the police overseeing the rave across the street and tried to report my wallet lost. They flashed a flashlight in both my eyes and told me to take a nap with my keys on my lap before driving home. . . They thought I had been drinking?! Silly cops, I was sober the entire time.


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