Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

She pulled the trigger and let it run.

In the veins it ran its course.

What can I do?

Pain has no remorse.

Death is selfish, I can’t just go.

My family loves me, that I know.

Doctor’s can’t help me, Medical or Medicare.

I have given up hope;

Not a care, not a care.

Despair, despair, this isn’t fair.

I can’t cope, I can’t cope, I send a prayer.

I pray to God, Jesus, Buddha, Alah,


I can’t remember yesterday.

Did I smile, or did I cry?

I wish for health, but get denied.

God please, do you hear my cries?

I lost my mind and cannot find,

The peace I had with you by my side.

I know you are there, but I am blind.

My mind plays trickery, it tells me lies.

Lord give me sight, pry my eyes, and heal my life.

Help me find congruency with body, and mind.

For with congruency I can start to fight.

Help me Father, help my Mother …

Mother Superior Shot the Gun,

Should I fight or should I run?

With Love,

Your Son.



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