Journal Poem

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

Mother Superior Shot the Gun.

She pulled the trigger and let it run. In the veins it ran its course.

What can I do?

Pain has no remorse. Death is selfish, I can’t just go.

My family loves me, that I know. Doctor’s can’t help me, Medical or Medicare.


I have given up hope; Not a care, not a care.

Despair, despair, this isn’t fair. I can’t cope, I send a prayer.

I pray to the Holy Trinity

All is One and One is All.

Should I live, should I die, who am I?

My mind plays trickery, it fed me lies.


Where’s my mind, I cannot find the tranquility I had in memories past.

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.

I can, indeed. I repeat, I can indeed.

For by my side you ought not, deep inside the stars at night, and in sunrise, you are all light.

With Love,

Hypodermic Mom mn Mother Nature



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